You can too!

You can too!

  1. Survival comes first: Without a planet we do not have a chance to achieve individual freedom. And individual freedom is only achievable by achieving survival for our species and ecosystem first.
  2. Freedom of speech: Should be one of the pillars of every single democracy there is. Democracy here means all-reaching and not just having it at the Parliament/Congress and your city council, but also in your neighborhood, your home, your table, your toilette, your bed! Freedom of speech means basically that you can communicate with anyone and express any thought without being punished by law or otherwise. Which basically implies that rational communication is the only way to peace. When a person is violent towards someone else, physically or otherwise, they are not communicating with that someone anymore, and thus freedom of speech is being breached as a inherit right.

So: Your average media conglomerate today accept the legitimacy of the global order, the state and its democratic institutions.

Then: What we have is official media giving a picture, an idea of the world, to our populations around the democracies of the globe in which certain states are condemned for not being democratic, compared to what their own definition of democracy is. At the same time, some of these states can be still be viewed as legitimate in others arenas i.e. when it comes to trade, technological or industrial partnerships and even military cooperation.

  1. Conclusion: Democracies are morally, in a political philosophical context, incoherent and hence wrong in the way they manage their society and misuse individuals in other societies. Democracy should only be respected as long as it is within our borders. Outside they do not have it. Who cares about poor and enslavished people anyway as long as the products they produce are cheap?
  2. Conclusion: Our democracies today are not well suited for deep changes in the way we produce and develop our societies. Hence taking responsibility for our actions, regarding i.e. the global climate change, means political suicide for any politician taking an ambitious, real and substantial stand beyond words.
  3. Conclusion: Lack of transparency in our democracies creates apathy in our population and fuels the misuse of power by democratically elected leaders. Wars can be waged without having real reasons beyond the will of the leader. Democracry can be presented as a product that you can sell (trade will make you free) or force onto other nations (our army will bomb you, then free you) and it is applauded by the ignorant populations in democracies around the world.
  4. Conclusion: How can you make up your mind about the global picture when you know you can not trust the official media, not because of their lousy journalism, but rather because their sources are already altered and biased? Think of a leader having control over most part of the local media or private politicized media everyewhere in  the globe serving their own interests.
  5. Conclusion: Discourse is what sociologists call the process in which a society thinks: “An individual has thought, a society has discourse.” Individuals in a society have dialogues between themselves. And what we talk about is more or less defined by what the media present. So what we think as a society is based on the information we have available. The less accurate the information the less our discourse resembles reality.

…And now…

What if: A girl/guy from a democratic state starts sharing information through open and decentralized media channels, such as WikiLeaks or OpenLeaks. Wouldn’t you like to see information that has been paid for with public funds but not meant for the public eye?

Wait: This girl and this guy do not have the same “respect” for the nation-state and do not play the same “game” regarding the legitimacy of a state or an institution as other traditional media do. Do they?

Lack fo what did you say? Transparency. The leaked information shows the lack of transparency of our democracies and the true sides of the hegemonic, militaristic and suicidal (remember survival first?) nation-state based world we live in.

And then: Can the minor minority of this planet, the human individual, realizes that the nation-state is an unnecessary overhead layer for achieving human progress? Since the nation-state sole interest is self-survival and to keep power to the ruling elite why should we not decapitate through political and democratic reform what we have today?

  1. Conclusion: As this  is done the state and its institutions are at its own game , of course, and try to keep “unpatriot” truth-searching and -sharing individuals silent. Public scrutinity is not easy to have as traditional media will have a dilema on weather to cover the story of a criminalized individual, the official explanation or a mixture. The Wikileaks Assange case exposure in the media is not but a exception to the rule.
  2. Conclusion: The revolution is not going to be televised. You know why? Because it is not going to happen! Everyday actions change the world, not an outburst of mass-frustration leaving a dis-coordinated limbo for anyone to play with (remember discourse management and manufacture?)
  3. Conclusion: Get out of that chair and fight! And love! And care!

And now it is time for me to leave the chair and meet real people and support human progress in anyway I can.


The picture used is originally by by “D Sharon Pruitt”and can be seen on Flicker.