October 5, 2009

Human depressive behavior can have lots of meanings. Some people are more consciously in touch with this behavior than others. We all have experienced it at some point and at some level. Like everything depression is basically subjective and is experienced differently by all individuals.

I am by no means a psychologist and have no faith in psychology, for personal reasons which I have not taken care to define or I am not willing to discuss (no, I have never been threated by a psychologist). My position can be summarized in the fact that psychology boils down to what I see it as a pseudo-science. But this post is not about that. If you disagree feel free to use the comments and enlighten me. I am open for new, empirically proven, consistent and non-circular knowledge.

Depression is some serious stuff. Depressed people seem not to have no sense of happiness. No sun, no choice of action, no will. I am not generalizing, I am exaggerating to make a point.

Personally I feel that I never feel depressed. The lack of light in the middle of the winter affects me, of course. I need more solar energy than is available and thus I might sleep longer or do less than in the summer. I still feel good when I am awake. I still can act and exercise my will and be a productive being.

So I really do not understand depression in the sense of being inactive and all negative. What I can admit is that I can be negative or as others describe it: More critical then necessary be. Even over time.

The lasts months of my life I have been an extremely positive person. I am just alive. I live. Period.

But I can’t look away when more than one out of ten persons where I live have a depression related problem. Even worse is the fact that four out of then people that have such problem are  my age.

This, I guess, could be related to the economic “depression” we are going through, although the most scary consecuences of which have not even reached the Norwegian economy. At least not enough to make the press raise the eyebrows beyond some statistics that really do not worry the biggest part of the population as less and less people actually are afraid of loosing their job.

So, why is people so immensely depressed around me? Why is people not satisfied in the richest country in the world and the most fair society that there is?

Because material things are never enough. BUt we still have to be productive, we still need to create growth for the nation and we still have to have a better lifestyle.

In a country where people is highly educated and have a more then average connection with nature it seems unlikely not to understand that we actually are using more resources that there are available and that our footprint is way too big for our own.

We do not have enough resources to live the way we live. To produce and consume the way we do, to create unlimited growth in a world bounded by concrete, empirically proven limited resources.

Do you really think that humans can just go about acting as if nothing happens when this is so obvious?

I don’t. So what is your natural reaction when you have been told to do as everyone else and build something dogmatically within a community without asking any questions: Depression.

But please. We all know that is not true. We can always overcome the boundaries that we intuitively feel are wrong. We can act!

We are told that in the big picture your choices do not matter. That whatever you do won’t have repercussion in the world. That’s a lie!

Do you ever do anything else than change the world? Do you ever do anything twice? Don’t you impact your enviornment by every single choice you take?

Choices equal consequences.

You did never have any other choice than exercise your will and use your power with awareness of doing it. And you never will have one.

Don’t let that fact give you bad conscience. Let it be an opportunity to do whatever you feel is right. Your hearth will never be wrong if you follow it and act by it.